5 StarsReviewer: sophia book - Reviewer's location: newcastle

excellent service. didnt think anyone would be able to repair this as I rang around various places. but one call to MDW and i got it repaired. hassle free and excellent price

5 StarsReviewer: Mike Vale - Reviewer's location: Kidderminster

I was a bit dubious about sending my phone. However the charger port would not work and so was useless. Sent it off on Monday. Got emails on Tuesday saying received, then repaired, then despatched and got it back this morning (48 hours after sending it) with fault repaired and a working phone again. Would recommend in the highest terms. Thank you to the guy who fixed my phone so promptly!

5 StarsReviewer: Phil - Reviewer's location: Hertfordshire

Very impressed with the service. I ordered the repair sent the phone off and received conformation next day it was repaired and dispatched same day. I received it next day. Will definably use this service again.

5 StarsReviewer: Robert Stokes - Reviewer's location: Tyne & Wear

Wow !!! sent on Tuesday back on Thursday working fine and at a reasonable price as well. these people run a fine business, well done MDW and thanks for a your help.

5 StarsReviewer: jess - Reviewer's location: scotland

I dont usually purchase things online, but im soo happy i did!!! saved sooo much money!!!

5 StarsReviewer: Danny - Reviewer's location: -

cheaper than my insurance

5 StarsReviewer: Bob - Reviewer's location: Edinburgh

Sent my Blackberry Q10 on Wednesday for repair, received back on Saturday. New sim card reader installed and my phone is perfect again. Very impressed by speed and quality of repair.

5 StarsReviewer: James - Reviewer's location: Brighton

Fast, efficient and very good communication throughout the repairs process. Cheapest service I found onine and the very best service all round! One happy customer I would recommend this company to all friends and family and anybody else.

5 StarsReviewer: Rachael Watson - Reviewer's location: Taunton

Thank you for the wonderful repair service! 5 star rating will recommend this service and would not hesitate to contact again for future repairs.

5 StarsReviewer: Sebastian Oslo - Reviewer's location: Enfield

Received my phone back within 2 days of posting it fully repaired and working! Cannot thank you guys enough!!!

5 StarsReviewer: Helen C - Reviewer's location: yorkshire

I have looked everywhere for this service and finally i found a good price and a service that's trustworthy

5 StarsReviewer: John M - Reviewer's location: birmingham

I actually thought i had to buy a new phone untill my friend told me about this business, saved me so much money in the long run

5 StarsReviewer: Gerald Whittaker - Reviewer's location: Scotland

Thank you received back all fine phone is as good as new

5 StarsReviewer: Nick in Wales - Reviewer's location: Wales

Broke my phone on Sunday, sent it off to the Mobiledeviceworkshop.co.uk on Monday, receipt acknowledged and repaired on Tuesday, my Z10 was back with me and working on Wednesday morning. Truly awesome service and not extortionately expensive either. Highly recommended, A*

5 StarsReviewer: Dr. Panos G. Adamopoulos - Reviewer's location: W.o.T.

Dr. Xaos Says.... Xellent 1-Day Service...!!! Impressive Value 4 Money.....!!!!

5 StarsReviewer: Francesca Carrington - Reviewer's location: Birmingham

Thank yo so much for fixing my SIM card slot it is working fine and mobile device workshop has saved me from buying a new phone!

5 StarsReviewer: Alex - Reviewer's location: Wood

I was very impressed with the service and my phone works like brand new

5 StarsReviewer: Bev - Reviewer's location: 

Finally my sim works :)

5 StarsReviewer: Michael - Reviewer's location: Birmingham

Excellent service. Had broke sim reader with sim adapter - something I won't do again on this type of phone! Got email on receipt and dispatch. Received phone next day and works perfect.

5 StarsReviewer: Seb Gill - Reviewer's location: wakefield

I dont normally leave comment but i just have to say i'm so impressed with the quality of work.

5 StarsReviewer: Dan Strickland - Reviewer's location: Poole

best quility & best price

5 StarsReviewer: Louis G - Reviewer's location: scotland

I was a bit cautious about sending my phone but this company was so easy to get in contact with, eased my nerves.. Thank You

5 StarsReviewer: Holly Rosa - Reviewer's location: hull

Searched everywhere for a business that i could trust with my beloved phone, thank you! :)

5 StarsReviewer: Nima - Reviewer's location: London

Didn't e-mail me same day phone was delivered, but they did e-mail me around lunch the next day when they had fixed the phone and already shipped it back. Shipped it on a Thursday and had the phone back on Tuesday and it worked for much cheaper than some of the places in London. New screen looks real good.

5 StarsReviewer: N Dale - Reviewer's location: Hertfordshire

Dear Sir / Madam, > > Just a quick note to say thank you for a fantastic service. > > Paid on a Sunday, Posted out Monday, E mail to say being worked on, > completed & posted back out on the Tuesday, Delivered Wednesday morning. > > All working -as good as new. Best price we could find as well - Highly recommended

5 StarsReviewer: reese - Reviewer's location: Glasgow

I dropped my phone on the floor and the screen cracked, i searched everywhere to get it fixed.. My friend recommended this site to me and im more then impressed, from the service to the quality of work, my phone looks brand new

5 StarsReviewer: Chris C - Reviewer's location: liverpool

So impressed, if i ever break my phone again this is the company i would turn to. Easy communication and such a quickly fix

5 StarsReviewer: Jen Tinsley - Reviewer's location: wigan

Stupidly i broke my phone, im sure im not the only one!! all i wanted was a quick fix to get me back on my social network and i found it.. This is the definition of good quality for a good price.

5 StarsReviewer: Dragos - Reviewer's location: London

I am really impressed with the repair service. Easy communication, quick fix and delivery and impeccable result. Next time i'll find myself in a need for a fix this is where I'll go. Good job guys ! Thank you !

5 StarsReviewer: Ibrahim mahmood - Reviewer's location: Glasgow

LG themselves told me this is not repairable after 14days! I sent it to this company and they repaired it and posted it back to me the same day it arrived with them - now that's what you call a top quality service! Happy customer will recommend

5 StarsReviewer: G Lamballe - Reviewer's location: Morlaix

This was an extremely fast repair process, would use again. Informed throughout the repair with regular updates.

5 StarsReviewer: Stellios - Reviewer's location: Southampton

Went around to many many different repair shops and none of them even atempted to fix this problem. Got in touch with lg which took about 4 or 5 days before I heard back that it would have to go through their own repair service which had terrible reviews online and I was on hold for about 15 minutes before I gave up trying. Found this searching for repairs online and was sceptical about sending my device rather than having it locally being repaired. But I couldn't have been more wrong. I never really review things online but I feel like these guys deserve it. Sent the device to them on Monday with next day delivery, they emailed me when they received it, repaired it, and despatched it, all of which happened within about 3 hours, and my device was back with me working perfectly on Wednesday. If this happens to your G3 don't think twice just send it to them. Very helpful on the phone (I called about 5 or 6 times) and such a speedy and professional repair, and the price is affordable enough. If anything else happens to my devices I'll be returning to you!

5 StarsReviewer: Alastair - Reviewer's location: Bournemouth

Sent phone on Monday, had email confirmation and a phone call on Tuesday to say repair was complete and the phone was back with me by 11am on Wednesday, very impressed with the service and this will be the company I will use for any future mobile phone repairs

5 StarsReviewer: Scott - Reviewer's location: Bristol, England

Fantastic service. Was a bit unsure at first, but glad I bought the repair! Sent it Saturday, they notified me when it was delivered on Monday, they sent me an email on Monday to say it had been fixed, and it was delivered on Tuesday! Incredible service and was back in working order. Would highly recommend. :)

5 StarsReviewer: John - Reviewer's location: Hershey, PA

Great and fast service. If your LG G3 sim card broke, these guys will fix it. I live in the US and was skeptical at first shipping it internationally but the whole process was very smooth. Highly recommended!

5 StarsReviewer: felix.s - Reviewer's location: norfolk

Great service, quick and very customer friendly.

5 StarsReviewer: Steven Young - Reviewer's location: Glasgow

I sent my phone off in trepidation. It was returned to me working, repaired and in excellent condition. The only delay was my fault - I left the phone with its lockscreen locked! My bad. Very happy with the service. The same fault has re-occurred though. I hope it can be fixed again!

5 StarsReviewer: Peter - Reviewer's location: Hertfordshire

My sim adapter broker whilst changing sims over when i changed network provider. A google search led me to Mobile Device Workshop, who said they could fix it. Slightly nervous, I felt I had little to lose, and I can only express my relief when my phone returned in working condition, and in super fast time. In summary, the service they provide is second to none. Good quality, fast service. No reason to hesitate in using their services again should I have future problems with phones. Many thanks.

5 StarsReviewer: Irfan - Reviewer's location: Duisburg, Germany

The service was great.The sim tray is working again. Got my phone within a week of sending it from germany. Awesome work

5 StarsReviewer: Thomas - Reviewer's location: Berlin

Posted from Germany and it was repaired the same day they signed for the parcel i was notified on its arrival, when repair was done, and when it was dispatched. Overall very satisfied, only took 4 business days to come back from UK to Germany. Working perfectly now, thank you. Nobody in Germany was able to repair this and Nokia claims it is not repairable! Haha

5 StarsReviewer: naren - Reviewer's location: london

simcard reader was broken when pulling out nano sim reader , found this site via google , they have done an excellent job , my phone is working perfectly .

5 StarsReviewer: Adrian Boarder - Reviewer's location: Hertfordshire

Excellent service! Nokia care centres said sim card reader could not be repaired. Mobile Device Workshop repaired and dispatched phone the same day they received it.

5 StarsReviewer: spike - Reviewer's location: Belgium

I discovered this website via google, bought the service and sent over my phone. The phone has been repaired and sent back the SAME DAY!!! Took 7 days to sent my phone to them and have it back in Balgium and it's just WORKING AGAIN!!! Nokia said the phone wasn't repairable. No way of having it repair in Belgium. MOBILE DEVICE WORKSHOP you saved my Lumia 1020's life! Wooow! Great, amazing, incredible, unbelievable and outstanding repair service !!! I still can't believe it but IT'S TRUE: MY PHONE IS WORKING BACK AGAIN PERFECT !!!! I definitely recommend this service, I had never seen this before!!! THANKSSSSS !!!!

5 StarsReviewer: claire hodge - Reviewer's location: coventry

I don't normally write reviews, however this service was top notch. I was facing buying a new phone in fact I did buy a new phone because I couldn't find anywhere that could offer a solution until I came across this site. The service was very speedy and I was kept updated throughout the process. Would definitely use them again.

5 StarsReviewer: Suzi Yadallee - Reviewer's location: Enfield Middlesex

Absolutely amazing service! O2 had sent me the wrong Sim card and unfortunately I managed to damage the Sim Card reader trying to retrieve it! Posted my phone on Monday after work and it arrived safely back today. ( Wednesday)I would just like to say thank you very much for the quick turnaround and phone is working perfectly. I would not hesitate to recommend this company. 5 Star service.

5 StarsReviewer: Dr Bob Daniel - Reviewer's location: Northants

Absolutely fantastic service. They kept me up to date by email at every step, from arrival of the phone at their premises, to despatch. Far far cheaper than the alternatives I was offered. They really are great and I would certainly use them again. Congratulations.

5 StarsReviewer: Steven Haigh - Reviewer's location: West ~Yorkshire

When my Xperia Z stopped charging I Googled it and was shocked at how many people have had this problem. Sony seem to be washing their hands of it, saying it is misuse when plugging it in, and providers all round the world seem to be following their lead. I got a return pack from my provider, Virgin, and a freepost address and instructions from Sony to return it. It looked like I was going to have to wait weeks, possibly months, to get it resolved and, even then, may end up with a large bill to get it fixed. Found a link to this site on a forum, that had 18 pages of comments about this problem, and decided to give it a go. Paid £29 online for the service, sent it Wednesday morning recorded delivery at a cost of £7 It was delivered to them on Thursday at 11:45, inspected, repaired and posted back. It arrived at 2 pm on the Friday also by recorded delivery. It was even wrapped in 4 bags of bubble wrap and then put in a box and taped up. Very secure packaging and all in the price Works perfectly and I could not be more delighted. Thank you very much to Mobile Device Workshop

5 StarsReviewer: Gary Harris - Reviewer's location: Ipswich

What a fantastic service!. This experience was completely painless and a breath of fresh air after my previous ventures into on-line phone repair services. I posted my Xperia on Tuesday afternoon using a recorded delivery service...Received it back today (Thursday morning) fully working. The communication was first class and the charge in my opinion very reasonable. I may have been able to get this repair done under warranty or maybe not, either way it would have been a whole lot of hassle returning it to O2 and would have taken much longer. Am very happy customer!

5 StarsReviewer: Raymond Timmins - Reviewer's location: Florida

Thanks to this company I have a fully working phone now will recommend to my friends and family was repaired the same day they signed for the parcel.

5 StarsReviewer: M Turnball - Reviewer's location: Falkirk

Thank you for an excellent service - keep up the hard work. Overall extremely satisfied with the repair service 10/10 for communication and price and timescale. Will recommend to everyone.

5 StarsReviewer: Mark Ingram - Reviewer's location: Cleveland

What a great online shopping experience. This has been the best service i have ever purchased online and they were amazing. They repaired my phone straight away and i already have it back its working fine now, initially it would not recognise the charging cable (i have read its a very common problem with this phone) and now it is back to normal! Thank you Mobile Device Workshop.

5 StarsReviewer: Stuart Bouchier - Reviewer's location: Stourbridge

Works fine, thank you for the great price and excellent repair service.

5 StarsReviewer: Mair Perkins - Reviewer's location: Derby, UK

Very quick turnaround, easy order process and charger port works fine now. Thanks for doing such a great job. Highly recommended!

5 StarsReviewer: JCW Woolgar - Reviewer's location: Rochester, Kent

Thank you so much mobile device workshop for port repair and new battery in my xperia Z. The service was so quick, communication fantastic. my mobile was in mint condition and came back in mint condition. Quite a skill, what a great business you have, happy to strongly recommend to all.

5 StarsReviewer: Tom - Reviewer's location: Bournemouth

Very happy with repair to my Sony Xperia Z. USB socket quickly replaced with no sign of phone being opened. Fast turn around and good communication.

5 StarsReviewer: Stuart - Reviewer's location: Hertfordshire

Did some recon around the net to find the best deal, found this little site and went straight for it. I called up customer service and they where very helpful and reassuring. I received my phone the next day after the call, fixed, just like I was told on this description, and for the price which I think is hard to beat else where. Overall, fantastic service.

5 StarsReviewer: Tony Leatherbarrow - Reviewer's location: United Kingdom

Absolutely amazed at the service. Posted a broken Hudl 2 at 1230 on Monday, just received a completely fixed Hudl 2 back at 1030 on the following Wednesday. Don't think it could have gone any quicker if I had personally taken it to Bradford myself. Cheers to the Mobile Device Workshop for a job well done.

5 StarsReviewer:  - Reviewer's location: 

Brilliant service, tablet is good as new with a replacement screen, it was fixed and on its way back to me the day after I posted it. Excellent communications, they called me when it got there and let me know what was happening, couldn't be happier. Fully recommended!

5 StarsReviewer: Esther Thorpe - Reviewer's location: Somerset

Very pleased with the service I have received. Sent a hudl 2 off Tuesday pm. Received a very courteous call the next day to confirm details of repair..Hudl was delivered Friday morning all fixed. The price (including recorded delivery), did nearly put me off, but these chaps are the only people on the whole of the internet (as far as I could see) who fix Hudl 2..Will be definitely using Mobile Device Workshop again

5 StarsReviewer: Geoff Day - Reviewer's location: Isle of Wight

Absolutely recommended - 24 hour turn around, fixed and one happy daughter. When you get service like this its worth telling people about it - Brilliant!

5 StarsReviewer: Julian Hamm - Reviewer's location: Devon

What a great service! I've just had my son's Hudl charging socket replaced and couldn't recommend these guys highly enough. Wanted to check out who they were so tried to ring the mobile number - with no answer. So tried emailing. They got to me straightaway. Duly sent off the Hudl and they had it back to me within two days, which seemed to be quicker than it was possible to do with the post!

5 StarsReviewer: Emma Ragsdale - Reviewer's location: Mansfield

SUPERB SERVICE!!! I was a bit dubious about sending my son's tablet to a company I'd found on the web and never heard of. I was astounded by the service - sent it recorded delivery Tuesday and was gobsmacked when we got it back, fully repaired, on Thursday. A HUGE thank you to all at Mobile Device Workshop.

5 StarsReviewer: Temple Williams - Reviewer's location: Crawley, West Sussex

Many Thanks! I just can not express how very happy and impressed with your service. You not only provided excellent customer service but quality and prompt service as well. My Hudl was a birthday gift from my husband and had become my next best friend. I never realized how important she had become until she stopped working. I am indeed my husband found you on the internet and you have me up and working within a 48 hour turnaround. You are all that you say you are and I highly recommend you to everyone. My husband is so glad you got me back smiling! :) Sincerely, Mrs. Tempie Williams

5 StarsReviewer: Corrall McCormack - Reviewer's location: Nr Aylesbury, Bucks

Fantastic Service. Hudl posted Thursday back on Saturday and working just like new. If only everyone was that efficient ! Thank you very much. :)

5 StarsReviewer: Farimah Fiddy - Reviewer's location: 

I had to write to tell you how impressed I am with your efficient and quick service. Truly! A simple repair has prevented yet another device ending up in a landfill somewhere, unnecessarily. I have already recommended you to a friend with a similar Hudl problem. Thanks again.

5 StarsReviewer: Julie - Reviewer's location: West London

Fantastic service, posted Tuesday, received back fully repaired on Thursday morning. Kept up to date by email. I have a very happy 6 year old!!

5 StarsReviewer: Peter Waller - Reviewer's location: Aylesbury

I posted the Hudl off on Thursday and it came back Saturday with the connector and board replaced. Would definatly recommend this company for service and the price of £19 including return postage was also really good.

5 StarsReviewer: Peter Clark - Reviewer's location: Surrey

Absolutely fantastic service. My Hudl was returned to me less than 48 hours after I posted it off - it couldn't have come any quicker. Highly recommended.

5 StarsReviewer: Jacqui - Reviewer's location: dorset

Absolutely amazing service. Son broke charging port late Thursday. Found this website, posted Hudl off at 4.30pm on Thursday, received email on Friday at 1pm to say device fixed and despatched, had it back Saturday morning. So grateful as inconsolable 8 year old now happy chappie again. Highly recommend this company